Smile and keep that on☺

This is the post excerpt.

Hey!! I really don’t know what to write what not but I’m here to read and learn this beautiful phenomenon of writing your thoughts out to the world.

What I feel is when you are out of thought of what to do and what not you can smile and write each and every thought doesn’t matter whether it is positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad. Just write it down believe me it’ll surely bring some kinda solution to you. After this task you can go through your writings and mark out what is the problem and instead of worrying just start up to find a solution to it. As we know there’s no problem in this world which is bigger than human potential.

Smile often, this will help you calm down and focus more. And remember, never ever cry, this sadness will take you nowhere. You have many opportunities around to get happiness, just search for it. Learn lessons and be grateful for blessing.

Cheer up… Smile up… and enjoy your own journey!


Is the problem “human” or “his mentality” ??

Expecting change? Then why don’t you start with yourself first!

Is it the resulting solution to march out loud, change the profile picture and status, burn this burn that, blah blah!!

Open your eyes and look at yourself. You have got brains, you have got power to rule over its thoughts. Why can’t you work with people’s mentality, your little hidden march won’t make a permanent impact. You need to work on their thinking, they are all polished with false beliefs and what they need is to change the way they take human. They think a human as an object and that’s never supposed to be accepted. Work on self not others.

Change your mindset and you will find the world changing for you. Have a talk with self and ask do you really need the world to bring it all? Or you yourself has got enough to fight for! Be the person of impacting personality and for own sake stop comparing and complaining. Since world out here is for those who cares and dares.

faTHER… the FAIth

a creature who burns himself to lit our world, he’s the one who will do anything to make us happy!! if we truly search out we’ll find, we need not to move out to temples; because the God we search there, stays in our home!! our PARENTS are those God, we fail to identify and forget to worship!!


when i started to realize your worth, i found that i needed no external force; to trigger myself towards desired success, your inspiration and care was enough!! when i begin to write about you, i always remember the hard times you faced; to make us what we are today, and i promise i will return it all by making you proud at my every level of success!! though your anger sometimes hurt, but what would be the point of living a life; if it does not burn a little before lightning!! it happens many times that being your child, we disrespect you but it is always worst; to see you disappointed with our deeds, and even after a dozen of mistakes; you come back with an ocean of blessings for us!! and papa in this world where, love has become an endangered species; i found you been feeding it, with a touch of every feeling in your heart!! ;;;;;_____LOVE 🙂 <3____ ;;;;; #when_its_about_loved_ones #need_not_to_google_words #can_write_a_whole_lot_of_book_about_them

do I mind ME?

Oh world confident enough with the strength u hold
Work for the challenge u dreamt of overcoming. No my dear it is not the adventure not track record and even nothing out there with world. It is all about the inner thing called mind.
The day you think you gonna work over it and make it your slave, everything’s gonna work. But, hey my dear worrier why do you fear world why do you fear acceptance and rejection why do you fear change. Here you just fear self, you fear about being you, about dreaming the real you. What if someone put a gun on your head and say “if you will not change your perception i will trigger and end you”Will you stay negative in this situation too?

No, i guess! Dude remind yourself that the problems you are facing today may seem like the worlds end but they will not matter in a year.
Never depend on someome to fix you and make whole. It is entirely your life and you have to heal it. Just start by figuring what you exactly mean, trust your instincts. Don’t become a people pleaser and never speak bad about yourself. Stay away from drama and negativity. And don’t be afraid to say no, don’t be afraid to say yes! Let go of what u can’t control and be kind to self. And here you gonna hit the challenge by saying everything’s going to be okay and it probably will, now its time to enjoy every second☺

PAyment TO friendshIP

Im ready for that near to death dangerous adventure which i kept dreaming about. Since I’ve got my best friend along we’re going to face that together and this gives me strength. Enough are the experiments individually but see what an irony. He’s supporting me to leave my fear and cheer my dream.I’ll now go beyond boundaries to break false beliefs and succeed over fear and misconception.These are the examples of true friends who hold your mind and put it in right direction. They do notexpect you to behave their way rather feel proud when you are in your own shoe. The term friendship is largely misunderstood by meetings, calls, texts, gifts, visits, and so on. But hey my dear it is not like that, you are never accepted if you try to price your friendship. Nothing has ever worked here other than love, trust, understanding and genuine transparency.
We should feed our friend’s garden with good memories, great fights and remove every single phase of tranquillity. We need to grow now, no one will encourage you to have faith on them. But at last you are one who’ll step hard to nourish and put stars for a great constellation.

tiME and PRIORity

No work is worth

importance if you truly love to devote your time towards the thing you love…
If u say i have other tasks.. other assignments.. other people.. family to handle..
Mahn u gotta learn to earn time…!!!!

U can always MAKE time for loved ones only if u truly wants to… else there r plenty of excuses to list upon!If u can’t get one.. ask me i will tell u more than u ever thought👍At last its just a matter of PRIORITY☝
What u value u find time for it and end up doing it… doesn’t bother what the time is and how the situation is… and afcourse it is not compulsion that u need to put whole time.👉👉My dear there are 86400 coins in the bank for one day!✌ so invest it with better tasks and better people coz once u loose these coins u r gonna face double loss
U will loose those opportunities and people too as they’re ready to take u as an last option like u did👏👏