Smile and keep that on☺💙

This is the post excerpt.

Hey!! I really don’t know what to write what not but I’m here to read and learn this beautiful phenomenon of writing your thoughts out to the world.

What I feel is when you are out of thought of what to do and what not you can smile and write each and every thought doesn’t matter whether it is positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad. Just write it down believe me it’ll surely bring some kinda solution to you. After this task you can go through your writings and mark out what is the problem and instead of worrying just start up to find a solution to it. As we know there’s no problem in this world which is bigger than human potential.

Smile often, this will help you calm down and focus more. And remember, never ever cry, this sadness will take you nowhere. You have many opportunities around to get happiness, just search for it. Learn lessons and be grateful for blessing.

Cheer up… Smile up… and enjoy your own journey!

Pain, the flavor of happiness👩‍🦽👨🏻‍🦯

When I was well, I complained

When I’m not so well, I complain even more.

When there wasn’t any pain, I never praised

When there is pain, I feel no appraisal at all.

When the days were ordinary, it wasn’t a good life

When the days are anomalous, it is a bad life.

When I had a sound body, I enjoyed unhealthy food

When I have loud body, I blame even the healthy food.

Why aren’t we enjoying our current lifestyle?

Why aren’t we happy with whatever we have?

Why can’t we feel blessed with whoever we’ve become?

Why don’t we call it beautiful because we’re still alive?

You be my bird, I be your sunshine🍃

How can we not smile when a problem gets solved?

How can we not share the love we’re asking for?

How can we not admire that sun shines every morning?

How can we not fear that time is karma?

The skin we’re covered with,

The nose we smell through,

The ears we hear with,

The eyes we see through,

The tongue we taste through, speak through, sing through…

Are all the examples that we’re blessed!

It is in our hands to make the journey awesome,

Cause we’ve already recieved the tools handsome!


My parents did a miracle…

They brought my siblings to earth!

My sister did a favour…

She taught us to grow well!

My brother did a dare…

He fought with us every time!

You’ve stolen me!!

I cannot pay back the love

But, I can become the lover.

I cannot pay back the care

But, I can add more flavor.

I cannot pay back the shield

But, I promise to never leave the field…

You stand by me, You always do

You’ve been there to experiment difficulties of my path

You’ve never kept records of my wrong

You’ve always fueled me with strong

There had been bad days

There came the worst ways

But the bond of my soul

Is so attached to you all

That neither of my pain I felt alone…

I pray a layer of wisdom to stay

I pray a bunch of courage every day

I pray a loads of happiness your way…

The heavenly desires have all expired

The blessings I’ve felt will never reach an end

The strength you’ve stocked will always stay rocked…

I’ve finally felt

My brother isn’t the only one to protect

The whole family has stood by me each and every step!!

Intramural👣 downcasts! 🙇🏻‍♀️

The beast of past hours,

The memory of unwanted covers.

The dragon so high,

The people who cry.

The callings of horror,

The falsehood of forever.

Can I try avoid them,

Can I go beyond them?

Can I hide the film sad,

Can I move ahead?

Or shall I get over it,

Or shall I hate to shower it.

Or shall I dry it out,

Or shall I write it doubt.

Will for a while I shake head,

Will for a smile I come back?

Will the strength be come and gather,

Will the courage collect me together?

But how can I seal me up,

But how can I heal me up?

Want none my dreams will shatter off,

Want none my streams will fall it off.

There will be times down control,

There will be shines above the shore.

There will be weeds with dirty holes,

There will be street with beauty core.

Will I start it all over again,

Because I feel this is not the end!

I tried a thousand times can you too once?🤗🖤

If you were my best friend years ago, we are strangers today.

If we were enemies one day, we can become friends today.

If I was wrong someday, I’m ready to accept it today.

If you were right someday, I’m ready to be forgiven today.

I feel no shame to accept my faults, I feel no ego to start all over again.

You were gone… I’m gone too 🙂


Do you try like I do?

Do you expect like I do?

Do you care like I do?

Do you miss me like I do?

Do you deserve me like I do?

Can our childhood come back? Can we relive together again!

Can we leave our friendship to past only? Can we enjoy being strangers again!

Let’s remember the past gone,

Let’s live the present alone!

Becoming extraordinary was never a blessing… It was a choice!! 😊😊

From childhood we’re programmed to excel at everything, but what if we don’t want to?

Our society has programmed us to stay cool, what if we’re not?

Everyone expects you to be a smart personality, what if you’re okay with average?”

Hey boy you need to earn” and “Hey girl you need to cook”

Work hard on yourself than others!

Why are we tagged everytime?

And most importantly why do we accept that tag?

Why are we expected to satisfy other person’s mindset?

Why can’t we accept ourselves in the mirror?

Aren’t we enough to develop our own skills?

Aren’t we enough to stand on our own standards?

Why are we waiting for someone to appreciate us?

Why are we waiting to get hired?

Why are we waiting to get rich?

It is not necessary to become special, well known, most wanted personality….

It is not mandatory to run a race if you are not happy reaching finish line…

It is always okay to love your faults…

It is always better to accept yourself…

Do we really need someone to wake us up?

Don’t you think we are blessed with a mind which can be used for creating anything we want?

Does any foreign opinion even required  to take a flight?

Aren’t we alone enough for ourself?

Ask better questions, you’ll surely get better answers 🙂

Accept your parents!🤍🖤

I know that you are grown,

I know that you are strong


at least for a moment gain some sympathy,

at least for a moment drain some empathy.

Can you please think for once,

Can you please feel them once.

Think of the times you raced,

Think of the challenges they faced.

When you were scared,

When the ray of hope they layered.

They made the seeds of love to make you smile❤❤

Aren’t you the effort of their compromises?

Aren’t you the outcome of their sacrifices?

You have reached the basket where desires are gold,

You have catched the market where respect is sold.

Yes you’re flipping the love; they still call you lover,

Yes you’re skipping the shove, they still fall you flowers.

Do me a favour, be my friend…

And give them a savour, of a peaceful land!

Bas teri maa!💞

Tu maa ke pas he rehna mre yaara

Ye jamana hai bada bechara..

Maa ka dil jo dhadke

Reh jaate hai sab jakhm halke..

Jo tu nikal gya uske aanchal se

Tu waqif ho jaega shabd ae dil se..

Mother’s care!!

Pyar jo usne tujhe diya hai

Na nahi kisi aur ne kiya..

Ek pal jo tu nikal pda maa ke waaste

Tab tabhi khuda bhi khol dega apne raaste..

Jeeta kyu nahi tu bhi uske liye

Jamaane ke har gamm usne apne hisse kiye

Han tujhe maloom toh hai uske dard wo

Par kya duniya nibhaegi ya tu uske lie farz wo

Mann toh uska he rota hai jab jab tu khali pet sota hai

Kab koi duje ka dil iss kadar rota hai?

Ek wo hi toh teri har dhadkan mei saans leti hai

Kya duniya bhi utna gamm sehti hai?

Maa ya masi dono hai ek jesi❣❣

Woh fool bhi khilte hai, sab raaste hume milte hai

Jo tera ashirwad ho, ishwar bhi hume nahi bhulte hai

Kya na diya ek maa ne hume

Kya toh de paaege hum unhe

Bas itni si khwaish hai

Ek yahi farmaish hai

Jab jab musibatein apke dar aaye

Hum apko dur rakh, khud unse takrayein

Kya toh rakha hai inn duniya ki baato mei

Jab tu sath hai maa, tab chein ki nind hai raato mei

Tu jo ek pal na dikhe, hum ladkhada se jate hai

Humari har muskurahat mei, teri di dua pate hai

Maa hume kaha zarurat krne kisi mannat ki

Jab tere aanchal mei he chaav hai zannat ki

Jab jab milne aaegi haar hume

Kaha koi de payega pyar hume

Bas tu he toh wo farishta hein

Jinpe aankh bnd krke humari nistha hein

Chahe kama ke aaye hum rupye hazaar

Bin tere toh karodo bhi bekar

Chal padte hai na jane kis ishare se

Anjaan hai hum aaj bhi iss jamane se

Fir bhi sanwar gayi taqdeer humari hai

Jisne sanwari wo tasveer bhi tumhari hai

Mai jo aaj ban chuka hu

Bs tere saamne jhuk ke he iss duniya mei utha hu

Chandi ki payal lu ya sone ka haar lu

Bol maa aaj tujhe mai kya uphaar du

Tu toh wo gehna hai jisse har pal mai pyar lu

Teri khushi ke aage toh apni zaan mei vaar du

Meri maa❣❣❣

Ae maa hum tujhe itna pyar karei

Har samay hum tera aadar satkaar krei

Chahat hai tujhe har pal khush rakhne ki

Varna hum mei kaha himmat thi khuda se bhidne ki

Tu humari zindagi ke andhero mei mom si pighalti rahi

Kaatein tujhe chubhe aur humari zindagi nikharti rahi

Hum har baar saje sitaro se aur chamke chand jese

Humari maa ho ya masi dono ek jesi!!

Pyar mujhe meri maa se itna

Samundar mei hai paani jitna

Ae ishwar meri maa ka khayal tu rkhna

Kahi bhul na jau mai tere dar pe jhukna


I can’t worry, the moment is temporary

When I feel good, I enjoy the mood

When I feel bad? I avoid getting sad

Can’t thrust the only self, gonna trust myself

Playing the series of moments, Living through the movie of events

How can I cry? I know I’m not gonna die

Not being harsh, can’t end up ash

Enjoying being layth,  Have got enough faith

I am not alone, and not even a stone

Joining the present, To feel little pleasant

Everyone see impossible, But I’m being possible

Can’t complain anymore, Loving the horizon meeting sea shore

Just moved ahead, and emptied the head

Opened the window, and found my shadow!

The shadow!

Abundant happiness!👻🤡

The moment I heard,

I’ve become a nerd

My friend has brought an angel to earth,

I want to celebrate her son’s birth

May the day come soon,

I’ll be near the new born moon

You can’t just imagine,

The feeling that I’m in

Like the world has slept,

Only I’m the one left

Can’t wait to see those sparkling eyes,

I wish to give her surprise

Listen the Gods and the devils even,

I’m on my way towards this heaven

🥴Kissa mera, teri daastan!!😚

Give me this give me that,

Look in and take it back

Hell the world’s noise,

I just wanna hear his voice

Yes I’m that crazy,

May be that’s  not me

I’m so high so high,

Just asking why

I’m too far away,

Just want to say

I can’t control anymore,

I miss you deep from the inner core

I love you,

I miss you

My dearest friend, take care

Soon I’ll be there!!!🥳🥳